Religious Education

CCD (Grades 1 – 8)

Elementary Education (1st – 8th Grade)

We want to include all children and provide appropriate accommodations and supports so that all children may grow in the faith according to their individual abilities.

To register your child/children in Religious Education:

  • Complete registration form.  Complete Special Needs Registration information if required.
  • Students registering for the first time at St. Richard Church must provide a copy of Baptism and First Eucharist certificates as appropriate if not received at St. Richard Church.
  • Enclose the total amount due (see registration fees).  If you are able, please consider a donation to the scholarship fund to assist families unable to pay full registration fees.
  • Complete the volunteer opportunities form.
  • Submit registration packet completed in its entirety to Director of Religious Education.

Registration Fee
Registration fee is $50 per child not to exceed $150 per family.   This includes all textbooks and supplies.  This does not include registration for any retreats or transportation to or from any special events.

Please make all checks payable to St. Richard Catholic Church.

If your family would like to be considered for a scholarship, please contact the Director of Religious Education.

Some Links of Note

Diocese of Harrisburg

Diocesan Religion Curriculum

Diocesan Safe Environment Program

Diocesan Online Training

Codes of Conduct


Covid-19 Parish Employees and Volunteers of Parish Religious Education and or Parish Youth Ministry Programs Acknowledgment Form (pdf)

Covid-19 Education Youth Ministry Parent Acknowledgment Form (pdf)

Reopening Guidelines (pdf)

Master Schedule of Documents (docx) – DOWNLOAD

Religious Education Registration Form (pdf)

Special Needs Registration Form (pdf)

Sponsor Certificate (docx) – DOWNLOAD

Patron Saint Report Guidelines (docx) – DOWNLOAD

Service Hours Forms (docx) – DOWNLOAD

Confirmation Q and A (pdf)

Letter to the Bishop (docx) – DOWNLOAD

Baptism Verification St. Richard (pdf)