Pastoral Council

We are the Church: the clergy, those in consecrated life and laity.  Because we have been baptized into the one Body of Christ and confirmed by the Holy Spirit, we share the responsibility to carry on the work of Christ both as individuals and as part of a community of believers.


The  Council’s responsibilities include:

  • The Pastoral Council must be concerned with the fullness of the Church’s mission, particularly the evangelization and spiritual renewal of the communities of which they are a part.

  • The Pastoral Council must understand and support the relationship of the parish to the Diocesan Church.

  • In union with the pastor, the Pastoral Council shares responsibility for the life and welfare of the parish.

  • The Pastoral Council is preeminently responsible for the advancement of the pastoral mission of the parish.

  • The Pastoral Council must seek constantly to draw forth the talents, energies and insights of the parishioners and channel this “variety of gifts” for the building up of the whole body of Christ.


 Pastoral Council Members

Pat Jeckel, Chairperson

Becky Strait, Secretary

Tom Christoffel

Matt Commins

Craig Hershey

Rich Konrad

Jim Shaffer

Mike Williams

Tom Zern

Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Father Weitzel, Pastor

Deacon Bill Jordan, Pastorial Associate

Charlotte Walton-Sweeney, Director of Religious Education


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